As a Nationally known Obedience Clinician, Matt has worked with many obedience clubs and private training groups to deliver a fun and informative seminar weekend that will motivate and give tools to help attendees reach their goals, all while being cost effective for clubs and groups to help their bottom line. Matt has presented his programs all over the United States and in part of Canada to many of today’s active obedience enthusiast. Matt’s seminars are packed with working floor time in groups and as individuals. We can customize seminar topics as well should our standard formats not meet your current needs.

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“Healing your Heeling” is a one-day seminar which covers our base heeling program with all the non verbal attention pieces, positions, cues, turns, body awareness, tricks for heeling, and mechanics that Matt and his students have used to compete successfully in Competition Obedience. This seminar covers widely missed portions of heeling skills dogs need to successfully execute proper and animated heel work.

“Teaching Open and Utility” is a one-day seminar which covers the step by step process of teaching most of the exercises in the AKC Open and Utility Classes. This seminar will cover our way of teaching the retrieve, closed mouth intensity and how to pair that to exercises, real life drops and motivational go outs. We will also cover step by step our unique approach to directed jumping as well as the moving stand. ¬†Attendees should come prepared to work.

“Don’t Say the D Word”¬†is a two-day seminar that will show attendees how to break each exercise down and drill the pieces with a motivational and positive approach that can keep training and campaigning fun, all the while, still putting in the required repetition needed to help you and your dog increase your qualifying success. Attendees will work through Novice, Open and Utility exercises, so a retrieve is mandatory for working attendees. All workers and auditors will get the workbook that comes with this seminar.

“Principles of Proofing” can be presented as a one-day or two-day format and will go into how we layer in distractions and what those layers look like. We focus on teaching “chaos = attention” and proof in a positive and fun manner to reduce stress from distractions on performance dogs.

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Seminar Details:

  • Fee is $750.00 per day + Expenses (Hotel, Airfare, Mileage, Meals)
  • LCA will provide a W9 as well as a certificate of insurance for the event
  • 15 working spots
  • Unlimited Audit
  • Filming is allowed
  • Sound System can be provided

If your group is interested in hosting a workshop with Matt, please send any and all inquiries to